A wonderful morning and then..

Today I will describe something that often happens to me.. I have a set of morning rituals that lasts for hours. I live in a small place where there is no yogateacher (there is coming one now), but I have learnt my yoga/my morning yogarituals from Adrienne on youtube. Thank you Adrienne!! So; first I do my yoga rituals. Then I meditate.. I have learnt a lot from my mentors Monica and Karl Henrik from openheart (check out openheart.fi on internet), Leo Gura on you tube (I listen to all his stuff and think he is great). Anyway; my morningmeditation lasts for one hour and a half and is my own kind of meditation (a mix of what I have learnt from openheart and “do nothing meditation” i guess). And today, after my morningrituals I feel great!! I am filled with love towards everyone and feel in harmony and all that untill…. I open the door and see PEOPLE.. ahhhhh… they are coming towards me, want to talk to me.. they want to disturb my “love bubble”..suddenly all my love towards people has turned into irritation.. leave me alone!!!! So in the morning I feel like have understood everything.. when I meet people I realize I don`t understand anything.. what a enlightened human beeing I am..


Hmm.. anyway I am actually feeling good right now, I just wanted to get these thoughts down because they seem important in some way.. I have to find out what this is..

Lot`s of love





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